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Range Rover EWB Autobiographie Black Edition                                                                           armoured in Germany Level B6/7

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Range Rover EWB Autobiography BlackmEdition armoured in germany Level B6/7 available from stock


Protection Level:               VPAM BRV 2009 VR7                                                                                  (Includes CEN VR6+/ BR6+)

Roof protection:                Against a minimum of two DM 51                                                              grenades  or one HG85 grenade

Floor protection:                Against a minimum two DM 51 or                                                             two HG85 grenades

Side blast protection:        Against 12.5 kg PETN (equivalent to 15kg Geosit)

IED Land mine:                 Floor protection against a minimum of                                                      two  DM 31 land mine    etc 

1)Volvo Factory Stretched and armoured Level B6 ex King Carl Gustav of Sweden FR 1998 Wonderfull car in very good Condition Colour Outside Swedish Blue Inside Grey Velour Only 28.000km Price 116.000,-- euro net VB 

2) BMW 760 Li B6/7 Factory armoured FR 2005 Colour Blue Interieur Leather beige Only 22.000km Price 99.000,-- euro net 

3) BMW 760 Li B6/7 Factory armoured FR 2005 Colour Black Interieur Leather black 86.000km Price 107.000,-- euro net 

4) Mercedes G500L B6 Factory armoured FR 2005 Colour Silver Leather Black 82.000km Price 88.000,-- euro net 

5) Mercedes S600L B6/7 Factory armoured FR 2005 Colour Black Leather      Black 85.000km Price 116.000,-- euro net

6) BMW 760 Li B6/7 Factory armoured FR 2011 Colour Black Leather Beige 31.000km Price 248.000,-- euro net   - sold -

7) Mercedes S600L Pullmann State Limousine FR 2011 Factory armoured Level B6-7 Colour Black Leather Black 29.200km Price 638.000,-- euro net 

8) Mercedes G63 AMG  armoured Level VR7                                               Colour Black - leather black red 170km  Price 299.000,-- euro net

9) Mercedes G63 armoured to Level VR7 and stretched                                    Colour Black -leather black brown Price 1.000.000,-- euro net


9) Mercedes S600L New V222 Factory armoured Level VR 8/9 Colour Black Leather Black 80km Price 520.000,-- euro net   export

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